first_imgHD collections are becoming a popular way for game publishers to re-release older titles with a fresh coat of paint. Gamers get a shiny new HD version of the games they like, while publishers and developers get more revenue from existing titles. Konami has jumped on board and is releasing Metal Gear Solid, Zone of Enders, and Silent Hill HD collections. But for Silent Hill, it has been discovered they may actually be splitting the collection for digital distribution.When you purchase Silent Hill Collection in disc form, you’ll get both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 with updated visuals. That doesn’t look to be the case if you prefer to download your games. A listing on the PEGI ratings site has the games posted twice and not as a collection, suggesting you may be able to buy either game, rather than being forced to purchase both as a pack.As both games were originally released for the PS2, they aren’t going to be huge downloads, even with the HD update. It could be Konami has decided to experiment and see if the games sell well individually in digital form. Doing this split in disc form would be difficult due to the cost involved of producing more copies and predicting which games would sell better.If this is indeed the case, it will be interesting to see how the games are priced in comparison to the disc version on release in early March. If you prefer one Silent Hill game over the other, then you will definitely save some cash by purchasing only one of them via PSN or Xbox Live.via Joystiqlast_img

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