first_imgOn the whole, I’m not a fan of adding protection to my mobile devices. Part of the reason I buy a product is because I appreciate its design and materials, so covering those up with a $15 piece of silicone has always pained me. This preference has lead to some dings and dents and possibly a cracked iPhone 3GS, but I tend to be pretty careful with my toys. But, having recently purchased an iPad 3, I decided to give a protective film a chance. After all, the new iPad really is all about that screen and given the way these devices get tossed around, it seemed like it was worth a shot.The Wrapsol Ultra screen protector film costs $29.95 and it’ll protect the front of your iPad, without covering the camera or button. It applies just like all the other polyurethane screen protector — it’s a film you apply to the iPad’s glass front in a few different stages. If you follow the instructions and take your time, you won’t have any large bubbles or unsightly blemishes on your Retina display.The instructions aren’t that easy to follow because it’s not always clear which of the protective film’s own protective films have to be removed first. Even so, with some patience you’ll figure it out. After that you need to squeegee the larger bubbles out with the included piece of cardboard and then wait 24 hours. Why the waiting? According to the instructions any bubbles under 2mm will dissipate during the curing time. In my testing I could never get my screen perfectly bubble-free, which annoyed me to no end, but ultimately my iPad was at an acceptable level of bubblelessness.The film is both repositionable and reusable, but in my experience you really need to get these right the first try, otherwise some dust, grease, or grime will find a way to get in there before you can get it on again.Once the film is in place and the waiting period is over, it’s actually quite clear. I tried to compare it against the unadorned iPad and the Wrapsol never seemed quite as crisp — if anyone out there had a handheld glossmeter I suppose this would be the perfect application (sorry, mine’s at the shop). Just as important as the look is how it feels. Even after curing, there just isn’t a way for the polyurethane to have as little friction as the iPad’s glass. The film is pretty smooth, but it does cause additional drag. It’s minor amount, but knowing it’s there is bothersome.I’ve noticed that lot of people who enjoy screen covers have the ability to put them on, appreciate the protection they offer, and to just forget they are there. This works well if, say, your iPad and mobile phone both have covers on them, but if one doesn’t then you’re constantly reminded of what you are giving up. For example, I used an screen protector for most of the time that I owned an iPhone 3GS and I really liked it. But I still remember how floored I was the day that I removed it and was greeted with the incredibly smooth glass that I had been hiding.Wrapsol Ultra cover for the new iPad/iPad 2 is a good product. It’s uses a dry application so there are no messy liquids needed, it works with Smart Covers, and it’ll protect your iPad’s screen from scratches. Supposedly it’ll help with impacts as well, but I suppose Wrapsol means impacts with the screen, not drops, which are a much more common problem. I’ve used protective films with easier installations, less bubbles, and clearer instructions than Wrapsol’s, but it doesn’t have any major problems. I do take issue with the price — $30 for a single piece of film strikes me as being expensive, though Wrapsol isn’t alone at this pricing level.Ultimately a screen protector isn’t going to improve the experience, the best ones will simply minimize the amount of negative impact they have. If what it takes away from your experience is less than the value of the protection it offers, than the film has done its job. While Wrapsol is able to pull this off, it still does remind me of people who put plastic on their furniture. Sure, it’s great to protect your stuff, but if that protection decreases your enjoyment of the product, then you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it.Wrapsol iPad protective screen cover 002Wrapsol iPad protective screen cover 002Wrapsol iPad protective screen coverWrapsol iPad – with protective sheetsThe Wrapsol provided the samples used in this article.last_img

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