first_imgIf I get bored at work I’m sitting at a desk in front of a computer so either do some idle surfing or play a game. But when a dentist gets bored, he has an X-ray machine to play with. In the case of dentist Steve Purchase, he decided to put it to good use to zap some images of a Raspberry Pi.Steve initially used a 30 x 15cm “large extra-oral film” in his X-ray machine to capture a small image of the Raspberry Pi board. He sent that off to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which understandably wanted to see more and bigger X-rays of their tiny PC. Steve was more than happy to oblige.The images you see included here are from that second round of X-rays. This time Steve used a much higher resolution film, but had to stitch 16 images together because the film was only 3 x 4cm in size. The X-ray machine used is a Trophy CCX 70kV for those who are interested in such details.Stitching X-ray images together sounds like an error-prone task, but it was made easier by the fact Steve’s machine uses re-usable phosphor plates that are then scanned using a DenOptix QST scanner. So the process was done on a PC which has those ever so useful snap-to-grid and undo features.The image above is the original monochrome X-ray capture, but Steve also took the time to artificially colorize the board, which can be seen in the images below.I wouldn’t be surprised to see these image start popping up whenever the Pi is being promoted as they are quite striking. For those who own a Raspberry Pi, it gives you a new view on the complexity involved in such a tiny machine.last_img

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