a word, but because of the different, the customer’s understanding will be different, so the business will naturally have a different impact. There is a saying: everyone can do business, there are clever different.

I do business for many years, is a small business, although the money is not much, but in practice has accumulated a lot of experience, maybe for those who are doing business, or is still waiting to join the sea brothers and sisters enlighten. If you really have a great harvest, I will be as happy as you.

next to Chengdu sea silk mill. There are several meat shop, an especially good business. I watched for a long time. Also bought several of the meat. Don’t feel good that a braised pork what particular. I can’t understand it. Later, a good business that has a sister, is my countrymen.

mixed with her, I quietly asked her why, because I am not the same with them, my little sister quietly told me that, because of the boss in the window of a lamp. I look carefully. Oh, really. The lamp in the irradiation, chicken feet, brine chicken wings, there are a variety of colors look particularly fresh pork. Let a person unable to hide greeds. No wonder business is so good.

in our Luodai, there are two shops. Neighbors, but an ordinary business, a prosperous. Why? Originally, a noodle shop on the door of the customer politely asked: "do you want to eat noodles? Plain or meat?" While some customers nodded some shook his head, left half of business; after a stroke or face to face?" Some plain some meat, and less than half the profits.

and the other shop is greeted enthusiastically to the client: "eat what face? Pork or pork?" The first sentence "what to eat" questioning, straightforward, because people to shop is of course want face, you say, people naturally came in; the second sentence "broth or ribs", is a choice, and to face the customers generally feel shy, generous but difficult. The store is to make a logical "dirty money". You see, such a simple greeting, even directly affect your operating income. After a considerable period of time, this entry will be large. You’re a little weird, right?


do business is always in disorderly fashion, in such a competitive market, but also how to do business is booming? No matter what you are doing business, have a keen eye to discover, to explore, find tips, that your business will do fast.

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