first_img Authorities in Montana were called to deal with a somewhat unique highway accident this week. It involved a tractor trailer and about 133 million bees.That’s probably a less than the number of bees that helped Barry Benson and Vanessa land a commercial airliner in the gripping drama Bee Movie. It’s nowhere near an exact figure, though. These bees were accounted for by the pound.Their combined weight: around 40,000 pounds. According to a local apiarist who spoke to CNN affiliate KBZK, a pound typically contains somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 bees.The truck hauling them was en route from California to North Dakota. Around 600 miles from its destination, the trailer toppled into the ditch. The truck began leaking both fuel and bees.Firefighters from the Hyalite Rural Fire Department attended the scene in full gear because of the potential fire risk posed by the fuel one the road and the millions of recently imprisoned and possible disgruntled bees looking to literally stick it to the man.Unsurprisingly, assistant fire chief Brian Nickolay said that this was a whole new experience for his crew.A truck carrying a load of bees overturned this afternoon on the west side of Bozeman. Numerous agencies responded, and a beekeeper was called in, but the intersection is expected to remain closed for hours.— NBC Montana (@NBCMontana) June 11, 2019A Montana highway patrol officer estimated that about a quarter of the bees got loose. Wrangling efforts were clearly incredibly successful as it’s believed that only a single pound of bees went missing.The trailer was returned to its original upright position and the leaked fuel was cleaned up. Authorities held the vehicle for observation overnight. Tuesday morning the driver was given the all clear and allowed to roll on with his hundred-million-bee convoy.There have been some pretty wild spills in the past few years. In May of 2018, a street in Poland was flooded with chocolate when a trailer overturned. In 2017 a stretch of Wisconsin highway had to be closed after a trucking mishap caused it to become covered in red Skittles (that were rejected and never received their S stamp).More on’s Smallest McDonald’s Is Now Open (And It’s for Bees)Notre Dame’s 180,000 Bees Survive Cathedral FireDoctor Finds Four Bees Living Inside Woman’s Eye NYPD Removes 25,000 Bees From Staten Island Ferry TerminalWorld’s Smallest McDonald’s Is Now Open (And It’s for … Stay on targetlast_img

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