is now a lot of people shop sellers, consumers get what you need, do a business with customers, will retain the customers become repeat customers will not do what work, so how to make the business of the shop is more popular? For the retailer Zhang Chunbo, in the process of the shop sellers may ask a few shops, for business development but has a great help.

shop sellers, our retail customers also want to be a people, not just to make money quietly, making money at the same time, best can give customers a sense of security. Attentive service is the root to attract repeat customers.

, for example, a few days ago, a customer to buy a few hooks, the hook on the two sides of the glue is very small, hanging objects easily fall. So, I asked, this is what to buy. The customer said, "I bought the knife.". I said, blade multiple ah, the rubber surface is a little small, just a double-sided adhesive remnant of the house. I sent a few pieces of glue to him, the customer is very happy, but also solve his worries.

therefore, when customers buy special items, we retail customers to ask a few words, on the one hand to understand the needs of customers, on the one hand, they can provide better service. Can also avoid trouble.

my home to open a retail store, at the same time, but also to sell pesticides (pesticides and department stores are sold separately, not in the same facade), usually, according to different seasons, the introduction of seasonal pesticides. Last month, a couple in the village had a fight, and the woman came to me to buy the pesticide, saying it was a pest in the field. As soon as I saw it, it was late, and what medicine did you play?. Moreover, one of the pesticides is not playing this season, two is the woman’s face is very ugly, eyes red, as if crying.

at that time, I used to say, no store now, I get back in the warehouse to see, to the yard, I quickly called her lover to stabilize, and then open the back door, and ran to her. Look, not the house is falling out. I said, you go to my shop, your wife in there to buy pesticides to commit suicide.

asked a few words to avoid an accident.

customers to buy goods, ask a few bad things, ask, can also provide targeted services, to better improve customer satisfaction, increase the rate of return.

, for example, I have a sales pan, the rural grass burning pot, but now young people do not know the new pot need treatment. Otherwise, a long time to cook will be dark, not health. So, every time a customer to buy this kind of goods, I will tell them the wok before use, it is best to deal with it to use. For example, iron first

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