in the 70 anniversary of the Anti Japanese War China just past the memorial day, there is a very special group can be said to cause the attention of people, that is the Kuomintang war veterans taking the review team, they appear, let a lot of people are very touched.

The 2 car team

by the reading of the old war comrade, the war veterans currently alive from the mainland, the selection of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, our party and the Kuomintang Anti Japanese martyrs descendants, and the former model composed of representatives. Among them, the war veterans average age of 90 years old, the oldest 102 years old; the former model with an average age of 88 years; the average age of 78 children of martyrs.

Arrange the

these veterans of the war, with the average age of a lot of people have reached 90 years of age, they can own the rest of life was invited to participate in the 70 anniversary of the Sino Japanese War Chinese anniversary is a very meaningful thing, but also reminds each of us to remember history.


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