in real life, many people are doing matchmaker business, this is normal, but now people are more and more, the competition is very intense, but you have to give the dog to do the matchmaker? You are not wrong, that is true, but it is a lucrative business opportunities!

"pure red mini VIP GG, be clever and sensible, is now a year old, it is time for a girlfriend, hope to have the appropriate speed to MM VIP purebred marriage oh." Is marriage a year old? I know, this is the original "marriage for pets". Lan Shengdong was born in 1984, is the "matchmaker".

in the two class city, based on Web, establish similar Dog Club concept playground, especially the weekend to attract game player dog. In this way, but also to create more opportunities for pet owners to create a relationship between the city’s pet owners.

believe around your life, people who have pets is certainly more and more, so they are paired to pet and the trouble? You can do a pet in your local matchmaker, can easily make a lot of money!

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