first_imgBack in May there was a rumor that Google was in advanced talks with Twitch about a possible acquisition. The price tag was a cool $1 billion, and the reason for that was Twitch’s high share of the live streaming market, which stands at around 44% for the US alone.Advanced talks do not mean “this is definitely happening,” though, and things have been quiet ever since. That is, until yesterday when it was confirmed to GamesBeat that the deal is done and the price tag is indeed $1 billion. Obviously everyone who counts as an investor in Twitch is very happy with the deal due to the huge return they are about to see.Neither company is talking about the acquisition yet, but an announcement must be coming pretty soon. What I, and probably every Twitch user out there wants to know is how hands off Google will be? We want Twitch to have Google’s bulletproof backend, but we don’t want the service to be messed with and become just another part of YouTube. Hopefully Google realizes Twitch works as it is and should be left to continue working, however, YouTube is thought to be handling the acquisition rather than Google itself.Another side effect of having Google as a parent company may be more scrutiny over the content included in Twitch streams. For example, copyright holders will expect YouTube’s monitoring tools to be used on Twitch and to either block or offer advertising next to any video deemed as infringing. On the flip side, that does also offer Twitch more protection from publishers because Google will now be dealing with any issues.As Russell explained when the acquisition rumor first appeared. The Twitch-YouTube mashup will end up being the best and worst thing to happen to streaming video. Let’s just hope Google doesn’t mess up Twitch.last_img

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