do not think that the shop is a simple business to wait for the customer’s process, in fact, even if it is to do retail business, we also need to continue to learn, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the store. My shop opened in 1998, when the retail business is less, so business is pretty good. However, with the development of social economy, the market is becoming more and more active, and the competition is also increasing.

it wasn’t long before my store business reversed. Mainly reflected in three aspects: first, repeat customers to reduce; two is thin profit; the customer service is not satisfied with the three, especially the consumer goods on the after-sales service advice. The reason why there will be these three cases, there are three reasons: first, the reason why there is no repeat customers, mainly the operation of a single commodity, business is not flexible enough.

second, profits thin is not marketable goods can not well meet the needs of consumers; thirdly, the reason of customer service customer service is not satisfactory, mainly because of my lack of knowledge of marketing services, just to sell the goods, regardless of the market reflect the goods sold. There is no professional after-sales service staff in the shop, the problem of the sale of products can not be effectively resolved in time, resulting in greater consumer opinion.

later, in order to reverse the unfavorable situation, I go out to learn to learn, through professional training for half a year, that under the new situation of the market with a new understanding, and business in the future to make some adjustments.

as the saying goes: the blacksmith needs its own hardware. With the continuous development of the market economy, we should keep up with the concept of retail business and management ability, otherwise it will be out of date, it will be eliminated. You know, the difference between traditional marketing and modern marketing is very large, specifically, there are three main aspects: first, the starting point of different marketing activities. Traditional marketing concept is the starting point of the enterprise itself, the concept of modern marketing enterprises to consumer demand as the starting point.

two is a marketing campaign in a different way. The old ideas, enterprises mainly used a variety of marketing way to sell products, the new concept is a departure from the consumer demand, the overall marketing strategy, target market; three is the focus of different marketing activities. Short-sighted enterprises of the old concept, tend to haggle over every item or short-term trading profit and profit size, and enterprises with new concepts in addition to considering the real consumer needs, but also consider the needs of potential consumers, to meet consumer needs, in line with the long-term interests of society at the same time, obtain the long-term profit of enterprise.

era has been different, the traditional business philosophy is no longer in the current adaptation, shopkeepers also need constant change. Therefore, in the new market economy model, our retail business must emancipate the mind, update the concept, keep up with the situation, learn more about the modern marketing knowledge

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