first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard The future is looking bright for Travelscene American Express member agents but more work with preferred partners is needed moving forward, according to TSAX management at the launch of the annual Owners-Managers conference in Buenos Aires today. General Manager Jacqui Timmins, sent a clear, direct message to member agents to use preferred partner suppliers or business will stall and halter impending growth for the whole group. “For us to remain competitive and to grow our collective businesses, we need to increase our brand presence in the public domain and we also need to increase our support of our preferred suppliers,” she said. “As a collective group there are further opportunities to grow the amount of preferred product we sell in our network. This is critical for us to grow our footprint in the market and to further strengthen work with our suppliers” “We chose the theme It Takes Two, engaging with our partners and taking full advantage of our business network. It can’t be done alone, it takes two.”Reviewing marketing efforts made by head office in the past year, Ms Timmins said the implementation of individual member Call to Actions in advertising and launching the (Local Area Marketing kit (LAMkit) has been two initiatives proven highly successful with agents. A new Member Benefits Kit will be presented to agents in coming weeks, which include Preferred Partner Relationships for airlines, wholesalers, GDS and Car Rental agreements, with a key goal to increase support of their chosen suppliers.“It is vital that you as Owners and Managers understand and support your preferred suppliers. Every booking, every dollar you give a non preferred supplier has a direct impact on you … the ability for you to grow your product knowledge through training and educationals and to attend conferences such as this one” “The ability for suppliers to provide marketing dollars as well as competitive and exclusive deals such as the recent exclusive early bird advertising. This can all be impacted if you support others that are not part of our range of preferred suppliers,” she said. Ms Timmins said the past 12 months has also been showered with various challenges ranging from Volcanic ash to riots in Bangkok, but the most significant message was the need for travel agents to assist customers during difficult times. “There is a significant difference in the treatment clients received when they booked through a travel agent compared to those who booked online. Online customers didn’t have the great support and advice of an experienced travel consultant,” she said. Following these issues, Travelscene are set to launch a new Client Advocacy campaign focussing on trust and value beating the competition. “Whether this be sourcing the right travel deal, providing Travel Essentials products, maximising spend via programs such as Membership Rewards, or providing assistance and advice if things don’t go according to plan. The knowledge and expertise in our network means that we can provide clients with value and choice.“The campaign will highlight the trust that clients have in their Travelscene American Express agency to be on their side and deliver tailor made travel experiences created for them.”last_img

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