snacks to join the brand in the selection of sushi is recognized as a good choice, why? Because the sushi management project is simple, but if sushi in large and middle school and primary school outside the business, there is a stable source, people will be lining up to buy Japanese sushi is in a continuous line, one of the traditional delicacy, introduced into North Korea, South Korea and other places. Its main material is to use the sushi vinegar seasoning to maintain the body temperature in the rice block, coupled with fish, seafood, vegetables or eggs as ingredients, its taste delicious, very popular with the people. Honey is a newly developed sushi market products, this product is more suitable for the Chinese taste, in the fierce market more loved by people of all ages, so what are the advantages of the brand to join


what are the advantages of investment to join Miss sushi?

join can get the following advantages:

1, franchisees to obtain the right to operate a designated area exclusive.

2, assist site selection, evaluation and investment analysis.

3, free access to the company a reasonable, unified layout and layout of the layout of the project design and decoration drawings.

4, to provide a certain proportion of publicity, auxiliary items to enhance brand image.

5, professional opening support, special site to assist the goods shelves and display, including business training, goods display, cargo management, store layout, window display and new Zhang promotions.

6, provide timely feedback to the seasonal goods market.

7, at least two times a year to organize product launches and orders, to provide seasonal information and product information.

8, the company does not regularly organize unified promotional activities accordingly, in order to guarantee the franchisee profits, more perfect incentive rebate policy.

9, to provide a strong and rapid logistics and reasonable distribution of goods to facilitate the support to reduce the risk of franchisee business.

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