for the clothing industry, not much to start the money does not matter, how important is to maximize their own funds to maximize efficiency. So even if you have twenty thousand, you want to make big money is not unrealistic. The whole network Xiaobian to introduce you to the garment industry how to use only the start-up capital expanding your career.

out of thin air Raiders: Generally speaking, clothing brand management started at least 100-500 million yuan, and must first production, sales. But it really happened out of thin air clothing to join the brand myth. August 2002, Wenzhou, a new brand of women decided to hold a brand conference two weeks later. In order to use one, companies use 7 days, recruited 3 clothing wholesale business operators; at the same time through the media focused on the news conference. It is ready, only a strong wind, however, doesn’t change, the sudden resignation of designers and board division, the conference has become almost a joke. The reason is that all the samples have not been completed.

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