first_imgShare CONTACT: Michael Cinelli PHONE: (713)831-4794E-MAIL: [email protected] CAMPAIGNS RAISE $85 MILLION FOR BUILDINGS ATRICEFund-raising campaigns for two newcampus buildings and associated academic and research programs were completedthis summer, raising more than $85 million for Rice. The campaigns for Anne and Charles Duncan Hall and James A. Baker III Hall,which brought together longtime friends of the university and first-time donors,exceeded target goals of $45 million and $40 million respectively. A thirdfund-raising effort for the building to house the Center for Nanoscale Scienceand Technology is nearly 85 percent toward its $32.3 million goal.The completion of the two campaigns demonstrates an interest among manylocal, national and international communities to support the type of qualityprograms developed at Rice, university officials said.“Each of these projects results in an outstanding addition to Rice,” saidRice Board of Governors Chair E. William Barnett. “Computational Engineeringkeeps Rice on the cutting edge of an exciting technology; the Baker Instituteenormously strengthens our role in public policy and brings a vitalinternational component to the campus.”Duncan Hall is the new home for the George R. Brown School of Engineering,recently ranked 16th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Baker Hallhouses the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, the office of thedean of the School of Social Sciences, and faculty offices for the economics andpolitical science departments.“The completion of these two campaigns attests to the vision of our board inpursuing these initiatives in computational engineering and in public policy, aswell as to the loyalty and confidence of Rice’s many alumni, friends and othergenerous benefactors who endorsed our vision with their contributions of time,energy and money,” said Rice President Malcolm Gillis.Four academic departments are housed in Duncan Hall, which also has anauditorium, classrooms and laboratories for signal processing (in the TexasInstruments wing), optimization (in the Keck Center), and telecommunication. Thebuilding was designed by London-based architect John Outram, and its colorfulcommons area has become a popular stop for campus visitors. “Completion of the campaign for Computational Engineering is a wonderfulboost for the George R. Brown School,” said Michael Carroll, dean of theengineering school. “The wonderful new building, the funding for endowed chairsand other programmatic support will sustain and strengthen our already excellentprogram in computational engineering. We are very grateful to all of the donors,both individual and corporate, who have made all of this possible. I amespecially pleased that our faculty and staff have been so supportive of thecampaign.”Baker Institute director Edward P. Djerejian said that when he arrived oncampus during the summer of 1994 he determined there was a need to raise theinitial campaign goal of $30 million to $40 million.“Because of the pace of activity, I realized in order to match the mission ofthe institution with the proper financial support system, we would need theadditional $10 million,” he said.The new campaign goal was passed more than 18 months in advance of itsscheduled completion date. Contributions came from numerous sources: at firstfrom friends of Rice, Houstonians, Texans, and national outlets; then as thecampaign stretched toward the $40 million mark, international donors werebrought into the mix.And the nonpartisan flavor of the institute remained intact: donations camefrom Democrats and Republicans.“The completion of this initial fund-raising effort gives us the firmfinancial foundation we need to consolidate our ongoing programs and research,and allows us to move into new fields,” Djerejian said.Through a faculty advisory committee, the institute will determine newresearch projects and programs, and secure financial support for these newactivities as they are agreed upon, Djerejian said. FacebookTwitterPrintEmailAddThis ###last_img

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