for many white-collar workers who, network part-time business has become very popular, at the same time as the whole business time is free, also attracted many entrepreneurs to participate, so, what are the network of part-time entrepreneurial projects?

network of part-time money project has been concerned with the workers, though the work time is stable, the income is stable, but the life force or pressure to find a part-time job to make money, what good money for workers to do



Patrick after graduating from college in a foreign work, but he is restless and always wanted to own to do some other things, he found that as great to meet the society, consumer demand is also showing a diversified forms of temptation, personalized products to consumers are also gradually increased, some fashion store always bustling, two years ago in the high streets and back lanes "DIY" shirts have become the young people the pursuit of personalized fashion dress.

Patrick that, like making this personalized T-shirt, not to open stores, the Internet is now so developed, can to develop customers through the network, the main customer groups in some enterprises and institutions, schools, shopping malls or studio, to undertake a number of small batch print list. And set up a complete set of equipment but three, five square meters, can be at home for a small place, eliminating the monthly high rents, coupled with the computer itself, so count down the cost very little, even if one day do not exist, also earn money goods bottom phenomenon.

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