the past few years, China female entrepreneur is not much, that time can be successful women, really make people admire, in the "double time", in order to encourage more female entrepreneurs, "Mei Qing: a woman China entrepreneurial miracle" book published, worth recommending to modern more women.

2016 in March 8th, by the Writers Publishing House, the Hong Kong Social Security Fund sponsored by Ms. Zhai Meiqing book conference, held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guest House sunshine hall. The book editor "Mei Qing" by Chinese Writers Association member of the presidium, China famous writer Ye Mei, tells the story of a woman China entrepreneurial miracle, "to tell you how to get more wealth, wealth to tell you." Lead the reader into the United States Secretary of state, a close understanding of the real China non-public charitable first person!

conference to "beautiful life, with your name" as the theme, Beijing TV presenter Luo Xu was invited to preside as the event. From the China Writers Association, the Writers Publishing House such leaders, respectively to speech recognition of MS Zhai Meiqing "thinking of themselves and others, and the world economy, the noble spirit of entrepreneurs, and she led the Xiangjiang group, Hong Kong social rescue fund, for the efforts and achievement China charity for many years to pay.

Chinese in economic transformation and upgrading and establish the socialist core values under the background of a "NPC and CPPCC" period, as a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Ms. Zhai Meiqing has released the new social influence and significance for the Enlightenment of "national innovation essence"!

Zhai Meiqing first impression, is always her gentle confident smile, listening to a focused look and good manners. The dialogue in the book conference session, Zhai Meiqing speaking, how to smooth the their entrepreneurial dreams from a girl to become a legend of the industry involves many areas of large enterprise groups in the head.

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