in the current fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, can do to prepare their own brand positioning is very important. Brand in the minds of consumers will occupy a special position, but also to avoid the homogenization of the market, the difference is more important to join the chain stores.

catering brand positioning refers to the basic food chain stores in the market positioning and product positioning, the commercial decision specific brand in the cultural orientation and individual differences, it is the process and result of establishing a target market and the brand image. In other words, brand positioning refers to a specific brand to determine an appropriate market position, so that the food and beverage stores in the minds of consumers occupy a special position.

brand positioning is the primary task of brand management, is the foundation of brand building, is the premise of the success of brand management. Food and beverage brand positioning in brand management and marketing has an inestimable role. If not effectively on brand positioning, to establish the image of brand personality and unique consumer acceptance, other food stores will make their own catering stores submerged in the similar food products, decoration and service in the environment.

catering brand positioning generally includes the following aspects:

catering brand positioning: grade positioning

grade positioning reflects the brand value. Different brands of food and beverage franchise stores often in the minds of consumers according to the value of different grades. The brand value of food and beverage stores is a comprehensive reflection of the food and beverage products, environmental atmosphere, services, facilities, the psychological feelings of consumers and various social factors such as values, cultural traditions and so on. If the chain stores catering to the introduction of different price, quality and internal environment renovation of the food and beverage stores, should take brand diversification strategy, so that the overall brand image by food stores influence grade lower and destroyed.

catering brand positioning two: product positioning

product is the foundation of the brand, a good food and beverage store only when its food and beverage products to get the customer’s trust, recognition and acceptance and can establish a close relationship with the customer, can make the product to develop. Based on the establishment of brand food and beverage stores is to ensure that their products in quality, color and fragrance, unique to do the best. With the intense competition in the market, in terms of quality, or food color, various food stores are a very standard, to highlight the self, only from the difference of continuous innovation, to provide unexpected effect for the customer, in order to attract the customer’s psychological adventures, meet rising customer dietary requirements. Quality is the life of the brand, food and beverage stores only constantly improve the quality of products, in order to maintain the reputation of the brand, reputation and customer loyalty. Brand building is actually the quality of construction.

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