heavy rainfall in the fierce offensive, many areas facing the flood, facing the flooded situation. Hubei in the heavy rain, there are 55 companies flooded. Even the day, Ezhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission by letter and other departments in the flood prevention and scientific control of the construction of key projects in the city, the city’s industrial production enterprises actively organize disaster.

the municipal development and Reform Commission of the city office, Department of transportation, the target water authority and other departments, the establishment of two project supervision groups, respectively on-site investigation and supervision of the city’s 160 municipal key projects, tracking key projects, accelerate the project put into production early, early results. At the same time, combined with the flood control and disaster relief work, and actively plan and strive for ecological flood control project, the ecological project construction to eradicate flooding.

of the City Commission by letter set up a class, deeply affected heavier Gu Technology (002694, shares), Xing Xin building materials and other industrial enterprises, the field to understand the situation and guide enterprises to start production as soon as possible. The organization has the power and water supply departments to help enterprises to improve the production safety, a comprehensive restoration of the damaged equipment, power lines to flooded comprehensive testing and inspection; at the same time, through the relevant industry association, the organization of human and material resources, help enterprises as soon as possible disaster repair factories and other production facilities. At present, the city’s 56 enterprises have been flooded 55 to resume production.

in the face of natural disasters, human beings tend to become fragile, cannot withstand a single blow. At the same time, due to the city’s facilities are not perfect, resulting in stagnant water can not be discharged, resulting in a number of cities showing the door to see the sea. Hubei 55 enterprises flooded back to normal production, in people’s work together, although natural disasters can not stop, but want to re development is also very simple.

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