now after the business of a few, but because the road of entrepreneurship family misfortune forced on 80 young man, with one eye and people do not engage in than business, selling barbecue on the Internet, WeChat service, the business was surprisingly good.

O2O (onlinetooffline, online offline) has been more and more business in the entrepreneurial godfather of truth, but many people may not think of is, in the corner of our street side ordinary, hidden the "down to earth" O2O case.


Li Ye shop called the original barbecue, Yangpu District Xiangyanlu military and crossing a small facade.

beside Li Ye busy with several employees, some in the processing of orders, some in writing articles, some fill in the logistics documents. These young faces on the Internet have a "sister rice cake" and "steak brother" and "brother snail", recommended

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