different economic conditions, people’s consumption, whether it is the ability or concept will have a great difference. Because of this, there will be so many rural store sales blocked, which is difficult to sell cigarettes. In short, due to the relative backwardness of the rural economy, farmers’ living standards are relatively low, the prevalence of the phenomenon of rural retail stores selling cigarettes. A fifty or sixty square meters of rural supermarkets, a month to sell cigarettes on a dozen or dozens of, the best operating stores up to less than 100. And most of the cigarettes sold are low-grade cigarettes, meager profits. So, how can we solve the phenomenon of rural retail stores selling cigarettes?

one, from the purchase of the brand grab, called the low price of cigarettes rebirth.

to break the status quo difficult to sell tobacco shops in rural areas, retail businesses to grab from the source. What is the source? Of course, it is a cigarette! Rural retail owners should first make clear what farmers like what brand, what price, what characteristics of cigarettes, and then put the vector to carry out cigarette orders. If even the farmers like to smoke what brand, what the price of cigarettes are not clear, it is blindly to carry out cigarette orders, then the purchase of cigarettes sales can be imagined.

therefore, rural retail stores to sell cigarettes to the one hand and the backward rural economy low living standards of farmers, on the other hand, poor management related to rural retail shop owner, also have a great relationship with cigarette manufacturers. Now, young people in rural areas are basically working in the city, left behind in rural areas are the elderly and children. Children do not smoke, the elderly smoking, but most of the simple life, they are sucked cheap cheap cigarettes.

if the rural retail store owners in the store to buy a high price of the cigarette brand, then the store how to sell cigarettes smooth. Therefore, rural retail stores in cigarette ordering, we must first understand the farmers love those brands, in which the price section, and then select the order. Because the cigarette brand is the farmer likes, the cigarette price farmer also is able to withstand, such cigarette also can sell the difficulty? In addition, rural shops selling cigarettes difficult. Also related to cigarette manufacturers do not produce low priced cigarettes.

now, many cigarette manufacturers are almost no longer the production of low priced cigarettes, are staring at the high profit in the middle of high-grade cigarettes. As before, only one or two yuan of money, low priced cigarettes such as Ganoderma lucidum grape in the market more difficult to find a trace of it is the lowest price to six or seven yuan of low-grade tobacco. Although known as low-grade cigarettes, but the price of six or seven yuan farmers still can not afford to consume, or that a little bit of love.

I was in the countryside had made investigation, the price of six or seven yuan of farmers also feel the price is a little high, their ideal price is three or four yuan, some old people can not afford because smoking cigarettes, cigarette smoking is a waste or feeling, just do not wash the cigarette, they began to like the 70s and 80s farmers. "

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