the advent of the Internet has provided us with a series of convenience, but also let us face a series of problems, how to curb communication network fraud? Become a universal concern! In December 30th, Jiangsu Province, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, public security bureau Party committee Weiwen office director Chen Yizhong in Jiangsu province for the anti fraud network communication center award. From now on, the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province, the first batch of 9 Commercial Banks and 4 communications operators to send staff, offices, combating fraud governance network.

according to reports, the 2016 Jiangsu public security organs in conjunction with relevant departments to combine punishment and take the initiative to drop high communication network fraud momentum, first in the country to achieve the "two down two liters target: 11 months before the case number and the number of losses fell 17.9% and 14.1%, the case number and number of an arrested increased by 29.6% and 75.7%.

For the construction of

meets the requirements of the new situation to combat fraud governance communication network system, according to the deployment requirements, decided to set up by the Jiangsu provincial public security department to take charge of the provincial public security department related to the police department, the major commercial banks, telecommunications operators to send staff, office of the provincial communications network synthetic anti fraud centre, around the "fast, coordinated fast blocking, comprehensive judgments, dynamic warning, synthetic combat, effective control of the objectives, overall co-ordination of public security organs and all aspects of social resources, actively innovation mode, enhance the maximum reaction rate, efforts to enhance the combat management communication network fraud combat capability, and effectively protect people’s property safety, better service and security" two a high, high Jiangsu Fumei construction escort for the strong.

it is understood that the Jiangsu anti fraud network communication center by the Jiangsu provincial leadership conference against illegal activities of communication network governance model, currently stationed in the center of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol corps and related police, ICBC, ABC, BOC, CCB, bank, postal savings, China Merchants Bank branch in Jiangsu province and the Bank of Jiangsu and the Bank of Nanjing, China Telecom, mobile, Unicom Jiangsu branch, the snails moved more than 10 units, the latter will be based on the actual need of work and coordination with other relevant banking financial institutions, telecommunications operators to send staff.

according to the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade responsible person, Jiangsu province anti fraud center set alarm notification and comprehensive analysis and synthesis investigation of 3 working groups, to implement the 24 hours service mode of more than 40 staff, all-weather to deal with all kinds of communication network fraud. In the center of the Ministry of Public Security Telecommunications fraud investigation platform, establish emergency response mechanism, quickly accepted around the investigation reporting platform about the communication network model of criminal cases. At the same time, responsible for carrying out analysis of the communication network, fraud case clues judged the work, to guide the country to carry out targeted work, and the case for the comprehensive analysis and evaluation for the investigation recommended

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