location for a store is very important, if not a good site, it may directly affect the store business. So, when the supermarket brand shop, site selection should pay attention to what taboo? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

1. fast lane

With the development of urban construction,

is increasing. How to choose the supermarket brand? Due to the requirements of the fast lane, highway isolation facilities, the two sides can not cross the road on both sides of the parking facilities. Therefore, although there is a flow of customers and fixed units near the road, it should not be used as a new shop location. Because people often do not stop for a consumer on the side of the highway.

2. the same level of the local area

brand supermarket how to choose? This place is not suitable for shopping malls (supermarkets). This is not only because of the inconvenience of the high level shop to buy customers, but also because of the general effect of poor advertising shop floor, the supply and delivery of goods will be inconvenient.

3. residents around the little or slow growth but has been basically complete the regional commercial network

brand supermarket how to choose? This area should not be used as shopping mall (supermarket) of the new sites, this is because in the absence of floating population under the condition of limited fixed total consumption will not be with the new shopping mall (supermarket) increased.

4. recent demolition possible areas

brand supermarket how to choose? Our brand supermarket, convenience store store just opened, on the face of demolition will cause great loss of investment.

The above is about

when the supermarket opened brand location, need to pay attention to the taboo, it is worthy of our attention, only to choose a good address, so that we can join investment get a good profit, want to join the shop, it is worth attention.

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