in the world, there are a few people like Bill Gates success, within a few years who can ensure that there is a birth of Bill Gates? But everyone as entrepreneurs do not want to be the next successful Bill Gates.

Second, without this business.

Third, seeking an alliance.

if you have some advantages, but independent operation also faced some difficulties, may wish to seek alliances with their related enterprises to realize their complementary advantages. For example, you have health care products of the new technology, can be linked with the existing well-known enterprises, with their management, funding and marketing channels, the introduction of products. This can achieve the sharing of resources, reduce the effect of investment risk.

Fourth, good at learning.

fifth, virtual sales. How to sell their lack of visibility of the product? This can be done through virtual sales. For example, you mastered the key technology of a drug, you may wish to enter the field of other well-known drug sales agent, clear each link of drug sales, and gradually establish a perfect sales network, their products penetrate in the process.

see five major advantages of Bill Gates’s success, we can truly understand how to be a successful entrepreneur, at least by many entrepreneurial inspiration.


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