is well known, because some special identity, geographical location, or some competition, the college entrance examination on the basis of naked points can also enjoy extra points policy. However, this bonus policy how to use, for many candidates, there are many questions. So, how to properly use the college entrance examination policy?

7 month 8 days, reporters from the Autonomous Region Education Entrance Examination Center learned that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region achieved honors title, award candidates, or ethnic minorities, children of Returned Overseas Chinese special identity in the college entrance examination (course) admission to give some policy to take care of, plus a score in the score based on. Collectively, care for the policy, commonly known as "points".

enjoy the policy of taking care of the conditions of the candidates, although after extra points, the total score increased, but not all colleges and universities have recognized this score, which requires special attention. Some colleges admit policy points, some do not admit points, some admit that some of the extra points, although some points but admitted the provisions must not exceed the highest cumulative score, some queuing to "naked" in the professional admission but with scores of preferential admission candidates have to take care of the condition.

For example,

2016 a university undergraduate enrollment charter stipulates: "to enjoy Jiafenzhengce candidates, according to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) admissions Toudang admission rules, but with professional original results (including policy bonus) shall prevail." In this example, colleges should subtract policy care scores in the admission, the "naked" line.

so, for candidates who want to apply for these institutions, the bonus is not useless? Points or useful. For example, some candidates "naked" may not be up to the stop line of a university, but in the "plus" may reach a file line, to get college "entry" qualification, but also just won the "entry" qualification, will not be admitted to the college admission rules, such as if voluntary institutions do not recognize the points, the candidates should be to "naked" line. The actual voluntary reporting process, minus points score, candidates often have not in the college enrollment plan within the college, will return.

for entrance points, every university in the articles of association of China Merchants above will have a note, therefore, if you want to get the correct use of college entrance examination, candidates completing the volunteer must seriously study the college enrollment charter, the errors in this link is back is a pity College file. Of course, most colleges and universities or accreditation points.

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