in all of our customer groups, children’s customers can be said to be a very special group, although there is no purchasing power, but many shopkeepers want the right object. However, when dealing with children’s customers, in fact, will cause a lot of trouble. This does not, three year old child holding a lollipop door to go, when I want to ask the child to grandma, said to the child of 50 Fen, but I didn’t see. We encountered such a situation, how should I deal with?

The main symptoms of heart

rational Nanbian Biequ

The main

prescription to make

laugh in the face of taste

three year old little guest without you I

such as strong and easy to touch

he doesn’t care about

The owner

was stuck

see this thing today the teacher said, I believe a lot of the shop owner are met, have also experienced, such as small customer door grab, pick up and go, but do not know what to do with the money, this time if the owner for money, small customers may not have, and will be crying tears. If you take care of the child. Adults fortunately, if unreasonable, the money has been said to the child, the child is not handed over to the store to a shopkeeper’s silly, this time are suffering, injustice to the rational, will also not clear, the heart must first wronged wronged.

said this is a small customer, pushed the door, before I stood up, the little boy picked up a bottle of Wahaha ran smoothly, I pushed the keyboard chase out the door, I said not to pay what, this is the customer’s grandmother was rushed to the door, kept saying sorry sorry, a the missed, the boy ran to the store you. I laughed at the easy answer, the money is not what, I am afraid this boy had a stomach ache. We know that the customer is not telling the truth didn’t say what I paid, so look, met is not foolish, as money change the business end and back again.

this is a good talk last met, met a difficult, little things, but the treatment is more difficult, because my neighbor is not an ordinary woman eloquence is very good, have seen people quarrel, is called a word "terrible", like a machine gun is fast and accurate and ruthless. And I know she once a misnomer or exchange the wrong way, is likely to cause a debate, many unnecessary disputes.

in the last month of the day, I was reading on a computer, because watching attentively, my neighbor’s little girl is four years old, the door handle to my desk in a shot, picked up a commodity on the run, I do not see what > take

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