With the improvement of living standards, people’s material life has been greatly satisfied, and then the pursuit of spiritual life.

. According to the regional characteristics of the region, the positive development of tourism is a very good choice! Not only has the benefit to improve people’s spiritual life, but also conducive to the economic development of the region.

is a real-time video broadcast. Real time video can play nearly 100 in the scenic spots, which contains Paoma, towers, etc. Ganzi road Xinduqiao famous scenic areas, clear and smooth video, real-time dynamic also can understand the scenic.

two is a panoramic view of 360 degrees. Each scenic spot has a number of panoramic image points, you can choose to watch the point of view, 360 degrees without dead angle, combined with scenic maps, more immersive.

three is the province hundreds of attractions details. Details of the various attractions in the province, including scenic spots, scenic spots, scenic spots traffic, attractions map, scenic areas and other information.

four is recommended for tourist routes. Travel routes covering the team tour, self driving tour, the surrounding tour, parent-child tour and other theme lines, select more, more features. Has completed the real-time video into the area 7, 360 degree panorama scenic area completed three, namely Hailuogou, MUGECUO and Inaki Ading. 16 are under construction. The next step plans to introduce more attractions with Ganzi characteristics, 318 along the famous scenic spots.

reported by the above, we can see that in the state of Ganzi in the build of the ecological tourism, make full use of the Internet plus thinking, through the implementation of a series of initiatives to create a more ecological tourism modernization, meet the needs of social development, it will attract a large number of tourists.

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