delicious food, always very attractive. For the characteristics of the chowhound, delicacy, always very tempting. So, like a small flower a sixtieth powder delicacy? You will not be very exciting?

How about a 60

small flower powder?

60 can Ziyinmingmu and eliminating the phlegm, lungs and other natural, nutritious and delicious, good popularity. Sixty effect for Ziyinmingmu Yijing embellish dirty, it contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, vitamins, amino acid and taurine and other ingredients, nutritious, low calorie, high protein, low fat, can prevent chronic diseases in the elderly, it is high quality and inexpensive products, our young and old love.

small flower powder is a sixtieth to 60 and all kinds of edible powder as main raw material with seasonal vegetables, meat, seafood and other types of pills wrapped in foil with homemade sauce Cook made its delicious meat, soup taste is more cost-effective than the authentic spicy noodle is also delicious new fashion snacks.

small flower a sixtieth powder is the use of aluminum foil sealing bag, soup, and 60, the aroma of Rice noodles ingredients wrapped together, iron heating, keep sixty fresh delicious beauty. In order to meat is delicious, nutrition is not lost, all featured live shellfish, shrimp, cooked, the quality of worry.

How about a 60

small flower powder? As we all know, if not only has the characteristics of delicacy, and choose to join or very advantage, is to let people and chowhound franchisees who, unable to extricate themselves!

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