migrant workers employment is a social focus and hot issues. How to help migrant workers find business opportunities in their hometown, is the problem that each district managers are thinking.

the management district is also actively carry out occupation skill training work, improve migrant workers employment skills, has hired Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin and other places of entrepreneurship trainers to teach. Currently, most of the training staff to achieve the business, mainly engaged in farming, planting, self-employed, as well as the establishment of small and medium enterprises, arranged more than 3000 migrant workers returning home.

at the same time, the management area of migrant workers have the entrepreneurial intention, the entrepreneurial project promotion, entrepreneurship training, business loans, subsidies and other aspects of support. In recent years, the management area provides discount loan guarantees for small 41 entrepreneurs, 510 people received entrepreneurship training, led more than 3 thousand people in employment.

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