Now many people think

sell cigarettes just opened the door, the door is the customer to sell. Product quality assurance, reasonable price, good service, customers will naturally come. However, the sale of cigarettes not only to sell, but also to sell, the only way to make more money, this is my business for many years.

in the daily operation, the decision of cigarette sales results have three factors: one is the smoke, the two is the person, the three is the level of consumption. At present, the distribution of tobacco companies is automatically generated by the computer, the same format stores basically the same, there is no difference between different formats. This time, to sell cigarettes, sell cigarettes, we need not in those selling cigarettes to do this.

for example, older people pay attention to the taste of smoking, brand fixed and not easy to change, but the young people pay attention to speaking style, fashion, customers in the promotion of cigarettes to young people, can have a sense of some unique packaging, out of the ordinary brand, if one accepts, every year more than a small sales. If you can cultivate a few loyal consumers in different cigarette brands, a year can be more than a few thousand dollars in income. Therefore, the sale of cigarettes to sell a good store is often the largest number of orders. Of course, selling cigarettes is not so simple.

will look at people, clever talk, re branding. We also do the cigarette retail will see people talking in the consumer when the door to observe the customer’s mood, temperament, age, dress, demeanor, behavior action expression, judge his temperament through his speech and deportment, different customers have different ways of communication.

For example:

of a hurry to fast and clear, if offered to buy how much the price of cigarettes, to breath reported three to five with the price of cigarettes for choice, the best first reported a new brand, then at last reported selling brands, other brands, because consumers are accustomed to accept the first to know. If you are not satisfied with the brand, brand new, and best-selling brand for its choice, so as not to delay time, the probability of turnover will be higher (suggested that order is also used in the display of cigarettes).

anyway, not procrastination missed the others; not good for consumers to temper dysphoria patient, gentle talking with him, you know a truth, if the owner and consumers noisy quarrel, even if in fact the owner is right, but always think is the owner of the spectator as a wrong. A businessman, "we can and their own, but not to go and interests".

for the first time consumers into the store, in addition to providing services, but also introducing the product can speak jargon, show the professional level, tobacco companies’s customer manager in the introduction of new products to you, often release some new cigarette brand publicity, the right time to see a look, perhaps by >

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