need to pay attention to in the course of business in today’s entrepreneurs which is to improve the business efficiency, reduce the cost of social entrepreneurship, so that the majority of entrepreneurs to obtain entrepreneurial success, promote public entrepreneurship.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom, mobile office, is becoming the new magic entrepreneurs". Lu Guangmin in a Nanjing IT company after five years of work, decided to venture, "limited funds can not afford to rent office space, then to Industrial and Commercial Bureau asked is now housing can also be used to register, but I can not let employees to their homes to go to work, so I decided to choose this kind of temporary mobile office the way."

"mobile office, the future is a beautiful office scene, employees can bring their own mobile devices for the office, which is not affected by time and space, improve work efficiency, increase flexibility, it is becoming a new trend." Nanjing Mdt InfoTech Ltd CEO Wei Guozhang said. With the development of mobile communication technology, the management of many enterprises is changing from fixed to mobile. The mail system, sales system, storage system and other office systems have been developed into mobile applications into the mobile terminal.

however, mobile office development is not a good situation, enterprise security and employee privacy is no good to have the antidote. In fact, many companies do not allow employees to use their own personal computers or other devices for security reasons. However, with the development of mobile communications industry and the improvement of security technology, some enterprises gradually loose mouth, allowing employees to use personal equipment office, but must install the enterprise security software to accept control.

in such a popular era of entrepreneurship, through the mobile office to reduce business cost is a very important thing, at the same time, can also help more entrepreneurs venture cost control.


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