how to do a good job in the promotion of cigarettes, each operator will have their own set of methods, and for Zhang Chunxiu, the best way is the customer classification. My name is Zhang Chunxiu, business is the southeast of the city commercial cigarette shop, shop has more than ten years. Today I share with you the main contents are: the use of customer classification to do brand promotion.

1. fashionable young man, taste is generally not too fixed, and young people love to accept new things, when they saw the counter new feel shilly-shally, not the timing of the brand is hesitant, very good marketing opportunity, can attract customers with gifts, brand cultivation.

2. concerned about the health of the customers, mainly in high-grade cigarette smoking or mid-range, the concept of health is strong, concern about the safety of cigarette products, tend to choose good taste, high quality, low tar, low tar cigarette should recommend to them, they are more likely to attract attention.

3. brand customer demand, will produce the psychological attachment of a brand, not easily replace the consumption of cigarette brand, keep the need for their brand, to stabilize the loyal customers. When the smoke can not meet customer needs some tight, try to sell the same price or slightly higher priced brands of cigarettes, the patience to persuade customers to accept the new cigarette, in order to identify the tight supply when cigarette alternatives actively order, have goals to sell.

4. for foreign customers or to foreign customers with gifts of smoke, feel the taste and quality of tobacco in different regions as a selling point, recommended the purchase of real estate consumer homeopathy "series" and "pure" series of cigarettes, to guide customers to buy. The province, city customers, to promote sales through price difference method, taste and publicity, and guide customers to buy "Chinese" try to buy "immortal" smoke, leading to buy "Abba", "furongwang" customers try to buy "express the wolf" and "toful wolf" and "wolf". For the young and young professionals and other consumer groups to promote low tar "mellow" and "alcohol Dian", "elegance", for the elderly focus on the promotion of "Tong" series of cigarettes.

5. when the customer into the store to buy cigarettes, said the price, did not specify the specific brand, specifications, as a retail household, for customers to make a decisive decision is very important. The idea of the customer is not clear, that he is not too concerned about cigarette brands, specifications. At this time, to take the opportunity to recommend their own mind to sell the brand, to help customers make a decision, directly on the sale of cigarettes to sell.

6. customers into the store to look around, don’t make a decision to buy cigarettes which, in a timely manner to the warm reception at the customer into the store wearing a dress, temperament, eyes, identify customers to buy cigarette price, take the initiative to introduce new products and brand cultivation, taste characteristics and brand culture to the customer by fine recommended brand cigarette the. < >

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