healthcare has always been much attention in the industry, many investors see the health care industry advantage, want to open a health brand shop, cottage is a good brand can be selected, then the brand to join it, what are the advantages? Xiao Bian introduced.

Beijing baicaotang pharmaceutical chain Co., Ltd. is a company founded in the last century in 90s, has been committed to the pharmaceutical research and development, production and sales, the company " everything for the people’s life and work hard ".

What is the advantage of joining

baicaotang? At present the company in the country to vigorously carry out the pharmacy to join, has joined the cottage of the area of Chongqing, Sichuan Chengdu, Hebei Langfang, Tangshan, Shandong Ji’nan, Henan Zhengzhou, Jilin, Tianjin, Shanxi, Lvliang Changchun etc..

baicaotang pharmacy join advantage:

first, is the only one baicaotang pharmacy enterprises to join in the nationwide. What is the advantage of baicaotang join? That is to say, any regional investors can join baicaotang, without geographical restrictions.

then joined baicaotang will enjoy a series of preferential policies and support. Baicaotang pharmacy to join every month for new customers signing promotions, such as gift bag, gift opening 5000~8000 yuan renovation subsidies, entrepreneurial guidance to guide the store location.

cottage for the franchisee’s support is quite large. What is the advantage of baicaotang join? Baicaotang store management personnel, professional investment, customer service to join other departments with strong team, the Department is a strong backing for the franchisee. They help franchisees deal with a variety of documents, shop decoration design drawings, shop staff training, pharmacy activities planning publicity. These baicaotang will comprehensive help franchisees.

finally, what baicaotang join advantage? Some of the advantages is mainly composed of its rich cultural heritage, perfect management system and excellent team, so I chose to join on the choice of baicaotang pharmacy.

The above is about the introduction of some of the advantages of

baicaotang to join, I believe we have a certain understanding, to join the shop, only a detailed understanding of the brand, so we can just shop business, want to join it, to understand it!

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