is now operating in the clothing business is very much, and for clothing operators, it is a very important factor is the ability to match. Because the most direct result of the success of the combination of the guidelines is to sell, people in the identity of the brand style at the same time that the identity of the brand clothing collocation method, has formed a sense of identity to promote the joint sales. So, if you want to successfully operate a clothing store, master collocation method will be crucial. So, to open a clothing store to master what collocation method?

a, to consumers with guidelines

clothing collocation not only to convey the brand culture, also need to provide consumers with the guidelines, which is the needs of consumers, but also the needs of the brand. The formation of collocation "point to" fast, the most important part in the details of the deal, both models of the station, or clothing and accessories: echo watches, glasses, scarves, shoes, hats, handbags…… And even other consumer – friendly clothing.

Each of the

models in different states of young men and women, cross stations on the location setting, each model series. But in the accessories and color details echo coordination, men and women are loaded with red as a coordinating element, the formation of the overall effect. Consumers can be copied directly in accordance with the model’s clothing, so as to narrow the distance with consumers, and directly promote consumption.

two, atmosphere building, emphasizing narrative

fast collocation window is also required to shape the narrative conflict between models and models to create atmosphere through clothing collocation, make the relationship between the model, not loose, describes the relationship between the two clothing details, such as a piece of ornaments echoed, a pattern of contact model between the action settings, create a model between the sense of understanding.

three, store display and clothing with

stores close to the display and sale, subregional series clothing collocation effect display to the consumer the most intuitive, the overall style of harmonization, color well-proportioned, facilitate consumer choice, promote joint sales. This is a qualified designers who are aware of the exhibition, but how to quickly achieve the division of the regional space, clothing, color distribution? This is a high-end display designers need to master.

One of the solutions to the

is simple: echo the window. By copying the collocation of the clothes in the window, the store will be divided into different areas, as well as different walls, hanging display, and then complemented by other products that can be formed with the replacement. A quick and easy store display is completed.

through the clothing store with the clever design of the display, clothing store can

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