no customers, no customer recognition, how to operate this shop? How to do business to be hot? Therefore, for any one shop, we need to focus on customer attraction. With the development of society, many businesses in line with the physical store while also founded the online shop. At this time, must handle the relationship between customer and the line, otherwise it The loss outweighs the gain..

remembers a year ago when a customer came to the store with a face of displeasure. Originally, he often went to the supermarket to patronize the boss usually very warm day, just chatting online sellers, put him as the air was hanging on the side. I stay away from the customer, also mused: the supermarket boss is really "sesame lost watermelon", if he knew that he inadvertently overlooked a large customer, estimate the intestines are regret will be green.

I will not use the Internet to sell goods, but can also use the Internet to seize the hearts of customers. I like writing, so I often publish articles in the newspaper. I told the customer friend, can be found online that I wrote about the business and life, although the level is limited, but each are genuine and sincere. Because of these articles, many new customers become old customers.

network is now in a very large range has been popularized, which not only make our life more exciting, but also can become a rich tool operators, if use, will undoubtedly make their business more prosperous development. So, with the network "network" to live in the hearts of customers, which is a good way oh.

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