coffee shop now in life is very popular, especially some young people prefer some coffee shop to drink coffee, at the same time, for many people have a romantic idea, is to open an exotic personalized coffee shop.

STOP! YY stop, the topic is here, you must have had such a fairy tale dream, well, you certainly do not pay attention to the special circumstances of the coffee. Yes, coffee, is coffee, each particular style and the identity of the person in the highlight your taste must immediately can think of coffee, and now with more people on the spiritual life of the increasing demand, the coffee market has been quietly rising in china.

Study the market positioning and

determine the city where the current market has not enough demand, and what kind of demand, the demand of people is what kind of (what is designed for business people or couples, or college students), if these you keenly capture in the early stage, then in the premise of development you should go the half of the success. Determine the demand so it is natural to locate the needs of the crowd, and then the location of their own coffee shop out.

Considering the end

note: the actual required costs are often much larger than the budget more carefully, carefully!


above all ready to turn the site. Cafe location must facilitate traffic, due to the easy regulars introduced to friends for recommendation

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