in the central call and instructions, all walks of life have begun to focus on the development of college students entrepreneurship. College Students’ exclusive business incubator platform to provide help for the awesome emerge in an endless stream, college students entrepreneurial team weak. Haikou National University Science Park is a new stage of dreams.

Since the

"the establishment of the company for more than 4 months, the output value of nearly 450 thousand yuan, our development cannot do without the strong support of Haikou National University Science park." This year, Yang Kai graduated from the Hainan Normal University’s founder, he said, "a dream in the sea division Cup" contest of innovation and entrepreneurship, opened their eyes, and get a lot of other guests sharing entrepreneurial experience opportunities.

"we have established all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship Association, held seminars, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship seminars, entrepreneurship salon and other field activities, continue to broaden the horizons of teachers and students." Lin Mingcai, director of Haikou National University Science park.

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