once a year the college entrance examination is approaching us, the majority of candidates can be said to be very anxious mood. In the face of the entrance sprint stage, the students are made and methods for all kinds of solutions. Hefei examinee is lucky, there are teachers online for their entrance sprint weapon.

won, Jinbang nomination, walked into the ivory tower, this is the dream of countless students. College entrance examination in 2015 from only 1 months time, high school students mind somewhat excited and uneasy. How to review the exam subjects, how to conduct psychological adjustment, diet should pay attention to what? The majority of candidates in order to do the service hotline at the entrance of 2015 special plan column "station," University of the upcoming blockbuster launch.

in the columns, from Hefei, in six, eight of the teacher subjects will visit hotline, into the video studio, combined with the examination syllabus and in recent years the college entrance exam for the essence of life trends, the majority of the college entrance examination key points and difficulties about the exam.


if you have Sidongfeidong module needs to overcome difficulties and focus, if you have not allowed to grasp, if you have a college entrance examination questions unpredictable…… Welcome to call the hotline education channel, from Hefei, in six, eight teacher.

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