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entrepreneurial success, but failure is also a lot of, how to succeed in business, this is all of us want to know the problem, take a look at what others are successful, Huang Sheng from a single person, working in state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou, to the pioneering work, struggle in the personal care industry, now buy a house, marry to the beautiful wife, cause love double harvest.

in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, the small guy 80 after graduation has been working in state-owned enterprises, work light, because there is no contacts in the state-owned enterprises gradually lose interest in work, although the annual salary of 200 thousand, but in Guangzhou is still very far away from the dream house. Decided to give up high salary, venture into the sea, today, he still felt that this is his most important decisions.

After graduating from the University of Huang Sheng

2010 Guangzhou, in the state-owned enterprises as a trainee manager. Work, Huang Sheng has not forgotten to charge their own…… 3 years, with his excellent ability to work, from an ordinary staff, to senior, to the Department deputy director, director, deputy manager, the annual salary has reached $200 thousand.

at the beginning of last year, in the "in their career," Huang Sheng has made a surprising move to give up the annual salary of 200 thousand jobs, choose to venture in Guangzhou. He took out his savings in the urban areas to join the carpenter family leather shop. At that time, the industry did not invest in this little, do not backlog of goods, but also by the impact of the electricity supplier, so immediately decided to start a shop.

is this chance, let Huang Sheng’s life changed, he found that now with the name, luxury leather goods more and more, leather care market is very large. Everyone loves his bag, plus his own learning technology, hard work, in exchange for a good skill, more and more customers, more and more members. Even some customers from other provinces have to send him a bag to do maintenance.

now, Huang Sheng will carpenter family headquarters launched a new research and development of "neighborhood help" the use of O2O software to the store, mobile phone orders, store services for customers, we can stay at home by clothing and shoe stores to get the care and cleaning services, the whole will be in the form of sending video pictures to the customer personal file to view them, completely transparent, customer trust, and it is convenient to order, and a key control, inventory, membership revenue. Truly Internet plus services, this look, let originally popular business more fire, not to busy every day.

so he is so hard, in the end is not received due return? God is fair, now opened 2 successful stores, at the Guangzhou center in Yuexiu District bought a about 1800000 yuan of housing, marry a beautiful wife. Open stores recommended

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