Chinese proposed "The Belt and Road" construction policy, there are entrepreneurs in the future development of the foothold in two on the silk road. Entrepreneurial opportunities here are not less than the North canton.

F you have dinner in Korla every year, this year’s theme became imperceptibly in the Bazhou youth struggle "". For 7 years of business F Jun, a friend of all together every year is one of the most important things on the table in the struggle friends but are growing in all over the country, the Silk Road city of Korla young people.

from Beijing with investment managers, to create micro brand 90 girls; from famous Zhejiang popular presided over the battles of Wuhan micro film director; from the Internet domain name business in Beijing youth, good to the Central Asian market wine prices hit two generation; the table of young people looking for opportunities or in the thousands of years ago on the Silk Road and dreams.

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