with the development of economy, more and more opportunities, many people do not want to work again, began a career. Start empty-handed and also many, start empty-handed entrepreneurship is not easy, is through hardships to succeed. Let’s listen to talk about the legend of Dongsheng.

on Dongsheng brothers home 8 sisters, he was more than and 10 years old when he wanted to go out to do business. 1991 Han, he only 57 yuan, spent 30 yuan to rent a house, start living in the city of Hanzheng Street. Now he has become the boss of the company, with annual sales of over 1 million, seemingly impossible, he relied on his own efforts step by step to success!

12 years after leaving home, about Dongsheng had to go home for a year. Once, his father let him and his brother will be planted in the street to sell onions. The father told them that the cost of the onion is 2 cents / bundle, so that they get the street to sell the 5 corners. The two brothers to the market, choose separate booth. Talk to Dongsheng angle 3 / bundle prices will soon sold out onions. Brother is not sold in 5 corners, the results did not sell a bundle. The young do not know that this is about Dongsheng puerile". Talk about Dongsheng initially in Hanzheng Street set up a stall, a steel ball cost 5 points, others sell 1 yuan two, about Dongsheng sold 1 yuan 4, although a earn less 2 and 5 sales, but several times.

Dongsheng but have their own ideas, "Wuhan has a fire, but the city should have a lag effect". He was carrying his wife, a few cars shipped back to Wuhan cheap. At this time, the Hanzheng Street market has almost no "jumping Doll", and "jump baby" in the two or three grade market fiery rujierzhi. For a time, the huge Hanzheng Street Dongsheng only on goods, few car goods sold quickly. Although I missed the first wave of the market, but about Dongsheng in the shortest time to earn more than anyone.

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