with the continuous development of tourism, the tourism industry has been a certain degree of development. At present, Wuhan Garden Expo opening, so the specific division of fare, the fare is what provisions? Here we specifically understand.

Tenth China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo was successfully closed in May 28, 2016. After the closing of the Expo, in order to enable the public to continue to close to the green, enjoy the beautiful scenery, Wuhan Garden Expo will continue to open, enter the normalization of market operation. Since May 29, 2016, the average price of 60 yuan / person, the fare is $30 / person.

Wuhan Garden Expo since opening in September 25, 2015, a total of 2 million 400 thousand tourists, a vivid interpretation of the ecological regression, the wonderful story of the changes in the city. Today, the park, the largest park in Wuhan and has become a new landmark, together with the ancient Panlong City, Yellow Crane Tower, to show the world Wuhan Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people.

a, ordinary ticket price: 60 yuan / person

two, discount ticket price: 30 yuan / person

applicable crowd:

1, students: primary and secondary school students (including high school), full-time, junior college students, student ID or school certificate.

2, the elderly: 60-65 years old, holding the old card or ID card.


group: free of charge

1, the disabled: hold a valid certificate of disability disabled, the Civil Affairs Department issued by the army or.

2, the elderly: 65 years of age, the elderly card or ID card.

3, China servicemen: hold a valid certificate, issued by the army military officers and civilian cadres card, NCO card or student card.

4, the army retired cadres.

5, 6 years of age (must provide proof of age) or height of children under 1.3 meters.

four, the ticket price: 150 yuan / person

ticket, tickets from the ticket date to December 31st of the year, during the day can be unlimited in and out of Wuhan garden expo. Tickets must present their ID card to park ticket at the scene for the specified window. This year began in early June 2016 for.

development of tourism industry, not only effectively promote people’s spiritual civilization development, which leads to the recommendation

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