fast business model is the essence of the size of the site joint infringement, large companies out of technology and business, small sites dirty work, thereby creating a competitive environment of low regulatory advantage. The clever thing to do is to get a thorough understanding of the rules of the Internet haven, globalization and anonymity. But if you continue to operate, the business model will accumulate a lot of legal risk, a criminal investigation can end the business model.

, according to media reports, recently, the police report from the masses dissemination of pornographic information, raided in the company headquarters in Shenzhen Nora, a few days earlier, police have arrested a number of broadcast video web site, Nora company shut down its QVOD server. The police action may be part of the Internet pornography net Chinese 2014 remediation special action.

The police investigation

actual Nora company operating for many years the legal risk of the cumulative result: fast broadcast video site without copyright authorization, the player page filled with porn ads, many porn videos and can even use our software to play, so I’m not surprised this.

our business model is to provide video player Nora company to the user, provide scheme of video website to Internet webmaster, many webmaster set up third party video website, upload video content, and users through the broadcast video player in the search function that can be found to the Internet webmaster established video content on the site.

fast broadcast video website at the same time enjoy the size advantage of the website, Nora’s technical and commercial support as the mainstream video companies to large companies that can provide stable support and cooperation in the industry such as advertising sales, business support; and the owners as individuals, the number, the goal of small, so even involving piracy and pornography the video is very difficult, rights protection and supervision. Therefore, Nora video site will soon become one of the most popular Internet users to visit the video site. For Internet Co, the flow will have everything, Nora company has therefore become a well-known enterprises in the field of video.

Nora business model in short is the size of the site together infringement, large companies out of technology and business, a small site dirty work, thereby creating a competitive environment of low regulatory advantage. To be able to design such a clever place lies in the thorough understanding of the Internet:

of the safe harbor rule based on the understanding of our company as a not only provide technical content, technical service providers, can broadcast on the video site content of tort exemption; a thorough Internet globalization and anonymous characteristics of understanding and Implementation Based on these pirated, pornographic content broadcast video site server in many Chinese territory, which in the end by state law also has a lot of questions, and copyright infringement are simply unable to find out who is uploaded to the site content of small owners.

but for the evil will eventually leave clues, the police investigation Nora can be

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