PHPWind SP2 recently released version 7.5, starting from the operation of the site needs in the portal mode, basic function and application of APP three most of the new and improved operating function, the site can be more convenient to show the quality of content and business information.

first, strengthen the community portal content management

portal mode content display function is more powerful, more convenient operation. Now the portal mode can display real estate and other classified information, easy to show business information. PHPWind unique "post push" function (from the Forum Forum pushed to the corresponding channel channel) can now be achieved with the integration of the push reward, and support for the two edit. Through the front door editing function, you can directly edit the title of the font color, etc..

two, the basic function of

absorption of many webmaster recommendations, SP2 provides a better editor for many operations re integration, edit interface more concise.

optimize the classification of information query function for activities, buy, classification information and other posts to provide time and time of the end of the query function.

enhanced sensitive word filtering, set up three grade vocabulary filtering system clear, provide the basis for thesaurus webmaster, and increase the station management permissions on the thesaurus.

three, built-in APP Application Center

PHPWind 7.5 SP2 can be automatically registered and bound APP in the background, the webmaster can easily use the post exchange function, can be directly to the post in Taiwan before and after the exchange operation, obtain the post exchange "every boutique package" exciting application.

new mobile phone applications with the film with the hair for the owners to provide a separate set of management rights, according to the actual situation of the webmaster can be flexible use.

PHPWind 7.5 SP2 1117 download address:

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