January 9th morning news, yesterday noon acsanny users found a "fish" forum frequented inaccessible, so she asked everyone puzzled post "what does ring04h mean ah, the site was hacked or a personal computer".

yesterday in the same period of time, many users and webmasters found the use of Discuz. This netizen aijing810 said, "as long as open a new topic, immediately go to a page, wrote Hacked by ring04h, just for fun


ring04h, for many people is a string of meaningless, but others object of worship.

when the page appears on the "Hacked by ring04h" when the word, a lot of experienced webmaster aware that his site was attacked by ring04h, at least in the name of it is so. In fact, ring04h is the core member of the famous evil eight team.

"eight evil", the name EvilOctal (EvilOctal) information security team. If we are more straightforward called hacker groups, you may be easier to understand. EvilOctal Chi training wrote, "the integration of professional security and classical hacker spirit, strive for the information security of a blue sky of the motherland".

can be seen in the EvilOctal forum home page, ring04h also served as a version of the moderator, but view ID details when prompted is "the user specified does not exist or has been deleted".

yesterday afternoon we removed links to the founder of "EvilOctal ice blood seal", he said to the Tencent of science and technology, ring04h ID has been deleted, and "has changed another ID". Obviously ring04h to the current popularity of the hacker ring, can bring some inconvenience to the owner of the ID.

PHPWind lucky escape

ring04h on the impact of a wide range of attacks, but also back to last May. At that time, Discuz, and PHPWind’s official website was hacked, the attackers have left "Hacked by & ring04h; sunwear, just for fun!". This event, once let the domestic software Discuz and PHPWind planes is quite embarrassing.

as early as January 9th morning, Tencent technology has not been in contact with ring04h, but it was connected to last year in May had launched an attack with ring04h sunwear.

"purpose is just for fun", sunwear frank and direct answer to the reasons for the attack. Talk >

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