this is an old, out we communicate again, we hope to help!

      first of all, it is undeniable that a successful website can not pay attention to the layout. Looks like a person’s clothes, is the first impression to others. To leave a good impression, then he looked at or re visit the possibility of greater.

      but I think the more important content of the website (unless your site is pure art, that is to be used to watch). The general site are practical, useful is the most important. Do not believe you take a look at the hao123 site, to the art of art, to technology without technology. On the flow, it is not the same. Why?? Practical ah! Internet users in China, generally do not want to not even enter the long and difficult to remember the url. So site navigation that is practical. Gently, where to go! People flow, a lot of people also said that people are garbage, do not think about what they give visitors?

      formal beauty will only leave a good impression, a good impression, of course, can let others visit your site. But if you see from the site are some of the garbage, who will see it? Who will some of what he isn’t interested in linger?? We see a person is not the same, that is the soul of the United States is really beautiful! Light has a beautiful body, is the heart, it is not even despised??

      website also advocates the truth, goodness and beauty! Blindly pursue form, talk about technology, but no actual content, what do you use to keep visitors?

      and the technical problem. First of all, it is clear that you do not have a technical site will be successful! Personally believe that technology is for the content of the service. Light technology is not practical, who use? Besides, your technology is high, the average number of people who can not see the Internet (read) ah! Also said that hao123, how many see no words! It seems to be useful in addition to useful (because it is easy to find links to many useful sites, but many webmasters also disdain)! Say technology, you can see how not! Even a simple form did not find, talk about what technology can be the flow of people, not to say!

      of course, the technology is still very important, but can not cross the content only talk about technology.

      above is purely personal opinion

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