has been the major television broadcast of the popular TV series "little fish" and the US, playing online in Chongqing two of the company’s website, but it caused a tort lawsuit. Recently, the film and television production company Yizhisuzhuangjiang two company to court, claims 330 thousand yuan.

it is understood that the "small fish" and the US is a Beijing Television Productions Ltd TV works. The film and television production company accidentally discovered that the two companies in Chongqing on the website of the film’s online play service, and the click rate. The production company said, the company is the legal work "energy-saving" TV works of the right people, and the two sites in advance without a license under the condition of no cooperation agreement, will be opened on the website online for unauthorized broadcast services, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "copyright law", serious violation of their legitimate rights and interests, and to cause huge economic losses.

court hearing the case will be scheduled.

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