"every year of these days, there is always a ghost that makes great writers uneasy. The ghost is the Nobel prize in literature." This year, the ghost is not only a guess who spends the awards, but also to promote competition between the new media speculation, eventually making oolong". According to their own imagination broadcast "Syria poet Adonis Award", soon to be false. Behind the news reversed, reflects the new media especially the ecological chaos from the media, should be a cause for concern.

recently, one of the most typical chaos, is the WeChat public account of the "brush" phenomenon. The amount of reading 100 thousand or more, tens of thousands of points like the number, has made a lot of WeChat public in a short period of time to create a speed myth from the media development". However, the amount of reading, reading, like the amount of praise like blowing bubbles, more and more big, suddenly broke. Poke bubble feast is nothing else, is the accidental failure of the brush tool. It is ironic that the tool is not in the brush, but also the amount of brush in the industrial chain of the real generation of brush upgrade". You need to ask is, what is the "blossom everywhere from the media, in order to win" or "quality is king"? What is the platform integrity or heavy traffic


similar chaos, only one side of the new media "barbaric". With the "brush", such as spreading rumors, by sharing, random copying, edge broadcasting, different media platforms seem to take the unusual way". After all, the new media especially since the media, has become a new area is A new force suddenly rises., flow and database, because of the unexpected "liquidation" ability and malicious "overdraft".

it was said that the amount of brush brush does not come out of quality, brush a single brush does not come out in good faith, should allow the integrity of decent living. Truth is not false, but the reality is cruel. Because the "amount of dish", are not on the list is difficult to survive in the competition; the amount of brush of low cost, weak regulatory means, not to participate in the landing step; subject to the flow change the pressure of benefits, not marketing "false prosperity" is also very difficult to attract customers…… From the media, investors and operators, the company formed a "brush interest isomorphism", as the beneficiary, imagine the good finally succumbed to the reality of the interests.

When the

from the media are economic interests, capital investment is temptation of kidnapping, whether it is "fire" or "ghost", is doomed to be a platform for supervision, legal stipulations, ecological purification of the protracted war, also is not simply advocating "original, quality, good faith" principle will be able to return to the new media at the beginning of the heart. What is more, if such chaos intensified, since the media is not checked in time it will inevitably lead to bad money drives out good money, not only for readers or users to accept to the real value of the product, and will destroy the field of new media innovation, entrepreneurial atmosphere.

market is the logic of the market, the media media logic, legal legal logic, the three are unified in the media development is the right way. Just like the media market does not exclude the original content, innovative forms, cutting-edge technology and other support, but also to win the market

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