April 14th, according to media reports, Ganji has obtained the risk investment fund owned by NOKIA NOKIA growth partners (Nokia Growth Partners) approximately $10 million investment. This news, Ganji CEO Yang Haoyong said that this news is not true, but he refused to disclose the specific situation of Ganji financing.

yesterday, media reports, ganji.com of this round of financing during the Spring Festival this year has been finalized, Ganji will take this round of financing to obtain funds for brand promotion and wireless domain.

and Yang Haoyong responded that the financing issues are not true, at present, Ganji has indeed been in contact with the VC, but has not yet disclosed the details of the financing can be.

July 2007, Google Chinese and ganji.com joint venture Beijing Guxiang ICP license, Google and ganji.com respectively holding 50%. In 2008, there is news that in 2008 blue Chi venture to $6 million price to buy back the shares held by Google.

in January this year, Ganji announced the acquisition of 263 online, with the disclosure of insider trading, the amount of money involved amounted to more than 10 million yuan.

it is worth noting that the day before, ganji.com competitors, another major domestic classifieds site 58 city announced the second round of $15 million financing.

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