first bitcoin, from January last year for the first time to hear, and then to the Sichuan earthquake in Ya’an, one fund to get more than 50 thousand yuan bitcoin donations. But until now, I still don’t quite understand its value, is how to produce.

‘s official explanation is that an electronic currency generated by the open-source P2P software. So, what is P2P? What is P2P software?

The concept of

, you may also like me, know, but do not understand.

P2P Baidu encyclopedia is interpreted as peer-to-peer networks, peer-to-peer connectivity, is a new communication model, each participant, the ability to initiate a new session. For P2P software, QQ such instant messaging software, can be called P2P software, and even game software, storage software, etc., can be called P2P software. So, can I understand that all users in the use of PSP software, will produce bitcoin


why, then, why don’t we have the owner? Why do we have to trade or sell the products and services that we can get in terms of bitcoin as a currency?

or purely as a trading currency, better understanding. Its production and the value of a single bitcoin is only dependent on the extent to which transactions are needed. Otherwise, the more in-depth understanding, the more contradictions.

but most of the electronic currency, is only related to a single platform for products, services transactions, and bitcoin is to become a global electronic trading currency. It makes me feel incredible. Although, because of its characteristics, it is not likely to have regulatory loopholes, but it is also because of this feature, but also make people think it is worthless. As a matter of fact, I think that if people no longer need it as a trading currency, all the theories it says do not support it.

and can not say that there is no loophole, after all, still exist in the computer, in the network. The release of Bitcoin software Nakamoto So himself, or even the biggest loophole. Maybe I do not understand the mechanism of software, but I think that also need to rely on software, then the inevitable loopholes can be found.

now, the price of each bitcoin, according to the latest btcchina data show that the purchase price is 677 yuan, the selling price is $678. But only the data on this platform, because as a commodity can be used as the currency of the exchange of all goods and services, the price generated by the private exchange is diverse.

so, how to get bitcoin it provides a platform for three channels:

1, purchased from dealers;

2, bitcoin as a trading currency, the sale of goods, services, etc.;

3, create a new bitcoin block.


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