believes that a lot of people interested in the field of e-commerce, have had no idea what to sell products, including myself. Once, for many industries to do a feasibility analysis, such as sales through a network of young men and women of fashion clothing, this kind of business platform is now beyond count, and that every guest, Mcglaughlin and other famous B2C, is currently in the B2C network operating station of young men and women clothing, as long as you on some shopping network or rebate the website has a look, you know a surprisingly large number. So many websites have been away in this market, but your chances of success are much longer; such as maternal and daily necessities, red child and Dangdang, excellence and other giants have already sold the diamond Kelan The early bird catches;; selling toys fun… It seems you again, it is difficult to find out no one involved in the industry. So many ideas to the end I have been ruled out one by one. Although again in those industries is not necessarily can not do it, but it compared with the above corporate financial strength, technical strength, the supply channel, your chances of success will be? So, I think, since to do, be a leader in the industry, for the first one to eat crab always, the probability of success is much greater. So, is there really no industry can open up the answer is negative.

we have been easy to get yourself into a misunderstanding, that the industry is to clothing, food, such as toys category division, in fact as long as each industry segment, you will find that many are ignored by the public sectors, currently in the online shopping or a blank, the market outlook still have a brilliant future. Have to say today’s theme is: for a "pioneer" in old clothing online shopping market. Many people generally believe that the market demand is too small in the elderly, the share is not large enough, so let’s look at a statistical data it:


data from textile and clothing weekly show that as of the end of 2009, China’s 60 years of age or older population has reached 167 million, accounting for 12.5% of the total population, and showing a faster growth trend. Shanghai, Jiangsu and other developed areas in the eastern part of the country is a relatively high degree of aging, aging has been close to the highest level of population aging in the world (population aging degree of 23%~25%). According to the definition of the aging population over 60 years old, the population of our country has entered the aging society at present, which is more than the total population of more than 10%. Insiders expect that in the next few years, the demand for middle-aged and old clothing will be more than 1 billion sets. A senior economic survey, currently on the market of youth clothing accounted for more than 70%, suitable for the elderly clothing accounted for less than 10%, "silver market" has great potential.

people often "the most beautiful but sunset red" to compare the good old age. Nowadays, people’s living standard has been improved, the life of the middle and old people is more colorful, and the fashion trend is no longer the patent of the young people. I don’t match the demand of the market

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